Heading down 17th Street in Point Breeze, there are numerous construction projects to be seen, all in different stages of the process. The first one we spotted as we made our way down the street last week was 1234 S. 17th St., which was formerly a vacant lot. The new building will soon be a triplex, and the units will likely be offered as rentals.

A new hole

Just a few doors down, at 1242 S. 17th St., are brand foundations for another triplex. This one is next to a new single-family home that just sold, and across the street from three more new homes.

Looking north on 17th, we see a new foundation

New homes across the street

Continuing down the street and crossing Wharton, we find 1307 S. 17th St., which was also previously a vacant lot. In contrast to the two projects mentioned above, this project, which is further along, will be a single family home.

Much closer to completion. The home next door is on the market.

At the corner of 17th & Reed are three homes that are being built by two different developers. The corner property was bought from the PRA is and is still under construction. The next two properties, with angular bay windows, are both under contract at just under $350K. We last visited here a few months ago, after the corner home had just broken ground.

Northwest corner of 17th & Reed

Finally, we reach 1438 S. 17th St., which is another new construction home. Surrounded on both sides by two-story homes, this one has an eight-foot setback as required. Like several other examples we’ve seen, this home disregards the existing cornice line on the block. This is certainly within the developer’s rights, but we can’t say we dig the look. Can we agree that we need to amend the new zoning code yet?

New three story home on two-story block

Together, these projects account for seven new units over three blocks in Point Breeze. Other blocks nearby are experiencing similar development activity. And we don’t think that things are slowing down around here any time soon.