Some big changes are taking place on the 2400 block of Manton Street. When we last visited here over the summer, a new home was under construction on the southwest corner of 24th & Manton and it boasted a list price of $500K. At the time, we also reminded you about a plan from Streamline Solutions for a dozen new homes on the north side of the block and half a dozen more on the south side of the block. In the time that's passed since our last visit, the home at the corner has finished and sold for over $500K, and construction has started on a row of new homes across the street.

Looking down 24th Street

Row of six new homes on the north side of Manton Street

As we mentioned before, each of these new homes will have the three bedrooms and three bathrooms you'd expect in new construction, but a bit unusual for Point Breeze, each of the homes will have parking in the back. Despite the fact that these homes are rather slim, each only 14' wide, they're listed for $500K. The homes coming to the south side of the street, a similar width but sans parking, are listed for $450K. The listings for the homes on the north side provide a project rendering as well as some fancy 3D interior renders.

Rendering of twelve homes

First floor

Second floor

Third floor

Fourth floor

We first visited this intersection almost four years ago, when we hoped that the construction of three new homes on 24th Street would spur redevelopment on the largely vacant adjacent block of Manton Street. The block was really rough, and we're thrilled that so many homes are now rising here. We're a little surprised that the ZBA approved a project with such skinny homes, we'd have expected a push for homes that are a little closer to 16', even at the expense of a unit or two. Then again, if the market embraces homes with these dimensions at these prices, who are we to say the developers should build something different? We'll have to see how quickly the first run of homes find buyers and at what sale prices, and then we'll revisit this thought somewhere down the line.