About four years ago, we walked through 1128 S. 19th St., exploring the possibility of purchasing the property. The building had three apartments and a small dentist's office. A fire had taken place just weeks prior, and while some parts of the building were badly damaged, other parts were still more or less intact.

Before the fire

We ended up pursuing another project, and didn't really think about the property again until about a year and a half ago when a new front facade was constructed. At that time, we figured the interior would get renovated and the building would be reoccupied relatively soon. Now, it looks like that's finally on the horizon.

Recent shot

Last week, we spotted zoning notices on the property and on Monday we attended a South Philadelphia HOMES meeting where the property's owners presented a plan to bring the building back into active use. The building will have three apartments, larger than before, and the commercial space will be eliminated. On the second and third floor, based on drawings we saw, there will be additions constructed in the rear, and there will be decks built over the garage that's in the way back of the building. All of this assumes the ZBA says the plan is okay, naturally.

While it's a bit of a shame to see a corner commercial space eliminated for good, we're not sure the demand will be there any time soon for retail at this location. On the other hand, it's wonderful news that this prominent corner property will finally be renovated and reoccupied. Considering the location is close to American Sardine Bar and across the street from Chew Park, we imagine these units will be in high demand. Looking forward to seeing this renovation effort move forward.