A reader gave us the heads up that 1308-10 Point Breeze Ave. is currently under construction. This structure, while blighted, is located at a prominent intersection on Point Breeze Avenue and has a remarkably intact cornice for a property that’s missing most of its windows. Most recently, the building was home to a beauty supply store, and the upper floors have probably been vacant for decades.

In the past

In the last couple of weeks, the bump-out on the front of the building was been removed, and new windows and doors have been installed, making way for the office of State Representative Jordan Harris. You may recall, his campaign office was located just a couple of blocks to the north, at 20th & Federal. According to the permits, at least the front of the building will be getting a new coat of stucco, though we wouldn’t be shocked to see the entire structure get the same treatment. This is a shame, but as you can see there’s a lot of brickwork here that’s seen better days.

Current view

From 21st Street. Check out the cornice.

From Point Breeze Avenue. Notice there are still no windows on either side of the building.

We can only imagine what this building once looked like, and we can only cross our fingers that the renovation won’t do a total disservice to what remains of the structure. And hopefully some new windows will be part of that renovation, for starters.