If you’re ever in the area, you’ve probably wondered about the Munson Manor building at 1200 Point Breeze Ave., a decent enough looking structure that appears to have once been home to a bar on the first floor.

The building

You may have also noticed the “For Sale” sign on the building, which has been there for years. As time has passed, the price has slowly come down from a high of $800K to the current $499,900. And you know what, that’s not such an crazy price these days. The property consists of a 1,300 sqft fit-out commercial space, ready for a restaurant to come right in, as well as five rental apartment units. According to the listing, the three one-bedrooms and the two efficiencies are rented out at relatively low numbers, which could probably be boosted by some minor renovations. And with a commercial space that could be rented out for $2,000-$3,000, an investor could find themselves with a decent spread.

Another look

Not looking to buy a building but looking to open a restaurant? Turns out, the commercial space is available for rent for $2,500. Sure, the facade of the building would need some work before a business could open there, and the inside could probably use some freshening up as well, but the prospects for a business at this location would be tremendous. Consider: The American Sardine Bar has been killing it since it opened in the fall. Some jokers are opening a coffee shop right across the street in the next couple of weeks. Vacant lots and broken down shells in the area continue to be transformed into new houses with no signs of slowing down. Wouldn’t another eating and drinking establishment be a no-brainer?

So… what do people want to see here? Another gastropub? A byob perhaps? The reincarnation of Divan? Think, people!