When the American Sardine Bar opened a couple years ago at 18th & Federal, it was hailed as a wonderful addition to a neighborhood that had seen few if any businesses open in years. Last year, when they were able to add outdoor seating to their establishment, it added a new and wonderful dimension to the business. And now, with the weather warming up, we again start to think about enjoying some onion rings and a cold one at 18th & Federal. But this year, the scene will be a little different.

Sardine bar

Brand new home next door

As you can see, there's a new home under construction at 1803 Manton St., right next to the Sardine Bar's outdoor seating area. The property was purchased last year by a developer who is building a by-right single family home with a 3rd floor setback. If we were the architects, we maybe would have put the front door on the western side of the building, but then again you have to figure that the person who ultimately buys this home will embrace the drinking establishment next door. Or else they probably would opt to live someplace else. Hopefully, once the home is finished and sold, the bar and the homeowner will be able to come to some kind of agreement on decorations for the wall to make it a little more interesting for patrons and passersby. Kind of gives a new meaning to the term "party wall," right?

New home down the street at Latona

Meanwhile, just down the street, another building is under construction at Latona Street. We told you about plans for this duplex last summer, when the building that formerly stood here had just been torn down. Now, it's fully framed and bricks are going up. Most of the multi-family new construction buildings in this neighborhood end up as rentals, and we would guess the same thing will happen here. Take the two projects together, and it's at least three, and probably more, new customers for the bar down the street. And the cafe a couple blocks away. And the lunch place nearby. And so on, and so on.