We were on the narrow 1300 block of S. Hicks St. today and spied two projects currently under construction. Since it's what we do, we figured we'd bring 'em to your attention. For years, 1324 S. Hicks St. was a vacant lot. Now, it's a two-story home with a bay. Something about this home looks odd to us, though we can't put a finger on it.

Two-story with a stucco bay

Down the block, 1345 S. Hicks St. is getting rehabbed. Part of this effort includes a slightly setback third story addition along with a read addition. Interesting that the developers have opted for a different material to sheath the new sections of the building but have gone with stucco for the existing front. It's also interesting that they went with a setback, even though it isn't called for in the code.

An interesting additiona

How do you like these new additions to the block?