We hinted at it in the comments section of a previous post, and yesterday it became a reality: Munson Manor, the bar/restaurant space at the corner of 20th & Federal, has been leased! By the same guys that opened up the coffee shop on the same corner! And the same people that sign our paychecks!

Thar she blows

While it will definitely be several months before anything happens here (there’s another project currently taking precedence), this is clearly tremendous news for the neighborhood. With the success that American Sardine Bar has had in its nearly one year of existence, the neighborhood is ripe for an additional food and drink location. The concept is still a work in progress, and any of your thoughts and suggestions would certainly be welcomed. Suffice to say, though, significant rehab work will take place on the first floor space.

In a year’s time, the corner of 20th & Federal will have been totally transformed. The new coffee shop on the northwest corner with a “controversial” community garden behind it. Six new homes that will be breaking ground on the northeast corner in the next few weeks. And now the Munson Manor (the name will be sticking around) returning to life.

And may we add, thank goodness, that for a change, a zoning variance won’t be needed.

<Insert giant sigh of relief here>