A few years ago, we presented the 2000 block of Annin Street as one of the worst in Philadelphia. Blighted propertied outnumbered inhabited homes. Vacant land overwhelmingly outnumbered anything else. But times have changed indeed.

Back in 2011. See what we mean?

As the years have rolled on, ten new homes have gone up on this block, completely changing the dynamic. In 2012, two different developers built seven homes on the western side of the block. Six have been used as rentals, while one is owner occupied. We wouldn't be shocked to see the rentals go up for sale sometime soon. Three additional homes, which we told you about perhaps a year ago, are finishing up and are listed for sale for $369K each. This would have been pretty much unthinkable on this block just a few short years ago.

Seven homes were built a couple of years ago

These three homes are almost complete

Less than a year back, we told you of plans from Streamline Solutions to build four more homes on this block, and we recently learned that groundbreaking has taken place. The large hole in the ground at 2034-38 Annin St.,will soon be filled with foundations, upon which the new homes will rise. These homes are listed at $399K, will include 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and garage parking. While there are plenty of Graduate Hospital homes that look like this, there ain't many in Point Breeze.

New hole in the ground

Project rendering. Image from Trend

We would have to imagine that the now-dwindling number of vacant lots on the block will continue to shrink, and in just a few more years we'll be talking about the 2000 block of Annin Street the same way we talk about the 2100 block of Carpenter Street– as a block that's been completely transformed. Not a bad turnaround in like five years, eh?