Washington Avenue west of Broad Street had improved some in recent years, with a couple of eating establishments hanging a shingle on this traditionally industrial corridor. Kermit's Bake Shoppe at 22nd & Washington is a great place for a sweet treat or a slice. Cafe Ynez, located on the first floor of NextFab (another nice addition), was recently named one of twelve "hidden" restaurants worth finding in Philadelphia. Now we're hearing rumblings that another eatery will be joining the club, but we're kinda short on details at this point.

Southeast corner of 20th & Washington

We got our grubby fingers on an RCO Notice regarding the property at 1924-36 Washington Ave., the large warehouse on the southeast corner of 20th & Washington. The short letter provides notice to the local community organizations regarding a planned restaurant in the building with associated awnings and signage. We're not sure whether the restaurant would fill the space on the corner (ideal) or the space a little to the east on Washington Avenue (cool too but not as good). Also, we've got no idea what the restaurateur is looking to do here or whether liquor will be involved.

Hopefully, it will be a solid concept that will complement the other businesses on Washington Avenue and in the surrounding neighborhoods. And while a restaurant would surely be a step in the right direction, we'd be even more excited to share news of an addition on the warehouse to accommodate apartments. But alas, no such luck, at least not today.

Has anyone heard anything about this project that can help fill in the details? Short of someone filling in the blanks for us, we'll have to wait until the community meeting on June 22nd at 1444 Point Breeze Avenue at 6:30pm to get additional information. C'mon, surely someone out there has heard something about this through the grapevine!