After nobody paid it much mind for many years, the 1300 block of Chadwick Street has gotten a ton of attention of late. The block had been dominated by a huge vacant lot on its eastern side for a long time, but a major residential development has shrunk the size of the lot, and soon it will disappear completely. At the beginning of this year, groundbreaking took place for a twelve-home project on the aforementioned lot. To date, eight of the twelve homes have been built and three are either sold or under agreement. The remaining homes are currently listed for $349K.

On the east side, eight new homes are up

Across the street, we spied another project that recently got underway. Remember, about a year ago, we told you of plans for three more homes on this block, at 1308-12 Chadwick St., on a much smaller vacant lot. Formwork is currently in the ground, and we'd wager that foundations will get poured later this week.

Three foundations are coming on the west side

But that's not all the development taking place on this block at this moment. Just to the north of the row of eight new homes, we spotted a new hole in the ground. Like its neighbors and the future homes across the street, look for this to be a three story home, sold for a market rate price.

Another hole just to the north of the row of new homes

That makes for a total of twelve new homes for this block in various states of construction. But there's still more on the horizon. As we mentioned above, the row of eight homes on the east side of the block will soon include four more homes to the south. And back on the west side of the block, there are some more vacant lots that have turned over in the last couple of years and will get built upon soon. We suggest, if you live in the neighborhood, to visit this block today and then come back in a year. If the coming year is anything like the last year, you're really gonna be amazed.

Disclosure: OCF Realty, parent company of Naked Philly, is the broker for most of the projects on Chadwick Street.