We got a tip from a reader about a newly poured foundation on the 2000 block of Ellsworth, and we discovered said foundation at 2040 Ellsworth St.

Gonna be tall

The builder, Quaker City Properties LLC, is out of New Jersey and also has a couple of other properties in Pennsport. They purchased the lot about a year ago for a reasonable $47K. We’re expecting a three story single family home on the site.

Meanwhile, down the street, progress is readily apparent at 2016 Ellsworth St., a property we reported on a couple of weeks ago. The inside has been fully demoed, the roof has been taken off, and the entire front has been reframed. Mr. Smith has no interest in taking his time here, it seems.

Movin' along

And from what we hear from neighbors, the church on the northeast corner of 21st and Ellsworth has been doing some renovation work, with a ton of help from members, both during the week and on weekends.

Yellow tape and hard hats

And finally, let’s not forget the properties on the 2000 block of Annin St. that we mentioned a month ago. They’ve transformed from foundations to fully framed homes, and you can see them from Ellsworth St.!

Annin St. houses on the left, and the new Ellsworth St. foundation is on the right

Plenty of development going on right now in the northern part of Point Breeze. And there’s plenty more to come.