A large warehouse space in Point Breeze could become the newest and most exciting development in the neighborhood in the very near future. We know, it’s tough to believe that someone could be planning something more exciting than a mixed-use development property with a pharmacy on Point Breeze Ave. or 18 new construction LEED units on 16th and Moore Sts., but one could certainly make the argument for this project.

According to the zoning docket for next week, Magdim Inc will propose transforming 2408 Ellsworth St., the dilapidated former home of Pinto Bros. Recycling, into 43 new apartments. Looking at the building, you can certainly wrap your mind around the concept.

Looking west (into the sun)

From 25th St.

Closeup of the faded sign

According to the zoning application, the developer intends to build two loft levels inside this former warehouse, essentially converting the two story building into a four story building without adding any height. This will allow for bilevel apartment units, while allowing the units to maintain what must be very high ceilings. A lobby and exercise room will be included on the first floor, and the building next door will accomodate 27 car parking along with 40 storage units. There will, additionally, be five more open air parking spaces.

The property was purchased by this developer, who is based out of Huntington Valley, at Sheriff Sale for $300K. Seems like they got quite the deal, as the building sits on a lot that measures nearly 40,000 sqft.

One thing that we’re not clear on is how this developer will fare at the ZBA without having first gone before the community. As we’ve mentioned in the past, SPHINC isn’t holding any zoning meetings until next month, and we’re pretty confident that this project wasn’t on any agenda in the past six months.

Hopefully, the developer will get the necessary approvals and commence this conversion posthaste. Presuming they can and do, it will be great news indeed for the neighborhood.

Huge building