After grabbing a delicious sandwich at Breezy's Cafe yesterday, we were heading back into town when we noticed a new and growing hole in the ground at the northeast corner of 20th & Ellsworth. The combination of three vacant lots has held back this corner for quite some time, and the vacant looking building next to the lots ain't helping either.

Under construction

The two southern lots were purchased about a year and a half ago by Michael Mosheyev, a developer who recently built three homes nearby on the 2000 block of Annin Street. For the corner lot, permits indicate that he's building a triplex. Whether he's planning to rent them out or make them into condos is anybody's guess. The lot next door is more than three feet narrower and will only accomodate a single family home. It's kind of a shame that he wasn't able to change the lot lines without going to zoning, as this will result in a somewhat inferior interior home. Still, we are confident it will sell quickly in this market. And considering the location is close to several other residential developments and the slowly-starting-to-turn-around Point Breeze Avenue, it's one of the more desirable spots to live in the neighborhood.

The northernmost lot of this group of lots is owned by Ishaan Construction, the same folks who own the adjacent building. Both the building and the lot were purchased back in 2007- what's the holdup? Perhaps with the construction next door, they'll be willing to either develop these properties or sell them to somebody who will. Dream with us, will you?