Last week, a reader shot us an email giving us the heads up about some construction activity, or should we say demolition activity, taking place at the northwest corner of 24th & Federal. This triple-wide property has been a mess for number of years, and we were heartened to learn that it’s finally getting some much-needed attention. According to the reader, the plan for the property is to turn it into a laundromat, which was apparently its use many years ago.

The building

Closer look

Though most of the development news we cover in Point Breeze takes place a few blocks to the east, there have been a couple of projects to come through the pipeline in this immediate area in the last couple of years. Just to the south of here, six homes have gone up in the last couple of years, though a large vacant lot remains across the street from those homes (as does a large shipping container, for which we have no explanation). Also, a long-blighted home that was demolished last year by the City was recently replaced by a new construction home on the 2300 block of Federal Street. We told you about this project a couple of months ago.

Homes to the south

New home on Federal

Hopefully, the renovation of this long-blighted building will inspire new builders to visit this end of the neighborhood and fill in some of the remaining vacant land and renovate the numerous blighted homes on the surrounding blocks. Not that they should need any inspiration, especially with Kermit’s Bakeshop apparently on the way for later this month just a couple of blocks away…