Decades ago, Point Breeze Ave. was a vibrant commercial strip, offering all types of retail and entertainment options to neighborhood residents.

The Breeze

In the 1960’s, poverty, crime, drugs and blight began to creep in, overwhelming the entire neighborhood and decimating the commercial corridor that locals refer to as ‘The Breeze,’ according to a story on the Philly History blog.

Over the past couple of decades, organizations like South Philadelphia H.O.M.E.S. and Universal have been working to restore the neighborhood through the construction of affordable housing units. Even more recently, numerous developers have been actively constructing new market-rate homes in the neighborhood, especially on the northern and eastern fringes. Very little new construction or renovation, however, has taken place on The Breeze. While some businesses continue to operate, many vacant storefronts and empty lots continue to dot the streetscape.

Current view of The Breeze

Currently vacant lot

On Monday, OCF Holdings will present plans to redevelop the large lot on the corner of Point Breeze Ave. and Titan St. to the community at a South Philadelphia H.O.M.E.S. meeting. This new building will include 10 one bedroom apartments, 3 two bedroom apartments, and a large new commercial space fronting The Breeze. YCH Architects have provided elevation drawings for this project.

From Point Breeze Ave.

From Titan St.

Elevation for Point Breeze Ave. side

Elevation for Titan St. side

Not included in the presentation but right next door to the project are four additional single family homes, being built by right, on the 2000 block of Titan St.

If history has taught us anything, the SPHINC meeting promises to be an adventure. In case you want to see the excitement, the meeting will take place on Monday, January 23rd, at 6:30pm at Mount Zion Pentacostal, at 1232 Point Breeze Ave.

You should definitely come to this meeting, especially if you live in Point Breeze. We promise, it will be awesome.

Full disclosure: OCF Realty is the parent company of OCF Holdings. AND Naked Philly.