Sure, it seems like every week we have reports on some new project in Point Breeze. But be that as it may, there’s still a tremendous supply of vacant land in the neighborhood over which the inexorable tide of development will surely flow in the years to come. Take the corner of 20th & Reed for example. Earlier this year, Breezy’s Cafe opened its doors on the 2000 block of Reed, replacing a former pizza place. Now, there’s new development to speak of nearby.

Zoning notices

In the last year or so, Northeast Renovations purchased 1341-45 S. 20th St. from three different parties. Last week, they presented plans for three new homes on these three lots to the Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze. The challenge for the developers is that the lot depth decreases as you go south on 20th Street. Since they’re proposing three equally sized homes, a refusal gets triggered for too-small rear yards. The discourse at the CCPB meeting, though, had little to do with light and air as you might expect, and much more to do with why the developer isn’t building affordable housing and whether he properly notified the community. So, par for the course. Hopefully, despite what will surely be a letter of opposition from this group, the ZBA will see the hardship and grant the variances.

Next door to the proposed homes

Meanwhile, right next door, a home that has stood partially completed for years appears to have finally been finished. A new owner stepped in earlier this year, and is either living there now or planning to sell it. As for the giant pit on the corner, we don’t know what will come of that. It was last listed at $125K back in 2011, and has simply sat in its current condition ever since.

Sure, that asking price is pretty high. But who knows, in another couple of years, assuming the neighborhood continues to grow at its current pace, that price might not seem all that unreasonable at all.