Through some amazing coincidence (we swear, this wasn't planned), we last visited the 1200 block of Bonsall Street exactly one year ago. At that time, two new homes were under construction where Bonsall Street hits the 2300 block of Federal. Those homes are now, as you might guess, finished, with the interior home selling for $380K and the corner selling for a whopping $459K. Today though, we'll draw your attention a half block to the south, to 1240 S. Bonsall St., at the corner of Bonsall & Oakford.

Corner of Bonsall & Oakford

Developers bought this formerly vacant lot earlier this year, paying $100K for the privilege. We'd guess they'd be incredibly satisfied with a similar price to what the developers got at the corner of Federal Street. Wouldn't you? Meanwhile, the vacant lot next door and the home that's just to the south both sold in August, which tells us that both will be redeveloped soon even though there aren't yet any permits pulled for those properties.

Blight across the street

Along those lines, check out the blighted and vacant home at 1243 S. Bonsall St., right across the street. That property also sold about a month ago, trading at $115K. Look for either renovation or demolition sometime soon, further reducing the blight on the block. And what a charming block it is!

Looking down the block

You can see in the photo above, there's another home under construction further down the block, closer to Wharton Square Park.

New home a little further south

The same developers building at the corner are working on this home, which will unfortunately sport one of those third floor setbacks plaguing so much new construction these days. We have no idea why it was included, given that it wasn't required thanks to the vacant lot next door. Speaking of that vacant lot, it shouldn't surprise you that it changed hands recently, which suggests that even more construction will be coming to this block in the near future. The persistent construction noise will certainly be annoying to the neighbors, but once it's over the block will probably find itself fully intact for the first time in decades.