A couple years ago, we visited the 2300 block of Ellsworth Street after a home collapsed on the north side of the street. Unfortunately, that home has not yet been rebuilt. But nearby, there is new construction which we happened upon just the other day. Previously, 2334 Ellsworth St. was home to a two-story home with vinyl siding. Next door was a matching one-story garage. Architecturally, you wouldn't suggest that they were contributing much to the block, though the bench out in front of the home was a nice touch.

In the past

Both properties were purchased late last year by a developer, who recently tore them down. In their place will soon rise two new three-story homes. Though it may seem like these homes will stick out on this block, the north side of the street is all three story homes. Also, it's our opinion that architectural variety is a good thing. So there.

Home and garage demoed

Closer look

Also, 2330 Ellsworth St., long blighted, is getting renovated and will be getting a third story as well. So that will be three new or renovated homes in a row, which will represent an improvement to the block. Hopefully, the vacant lots on the north side of the street will similarly be redeveloped. Thankfully, a City owned lot across the street recently turned over, which means we should soon see at least one more new home on this block. Keep 'em coming!