The northern end of the western part of Point Breeze has seen all kinds of development over the last handful of years, while its southern side has remained largely unchanged over that period. Sure, we've seen development drift further south of late, and we do see the occasional project in the 19145 zip code, but it's still really the exception to the rule. That's why we were so surprised today when we saw a story from Michael Klein about the new restaurant on the 2100 block of Snyder Avenue called La Mula Terca. Previously, this location at 2053 S. Beechwood St. was home to Muzo's Chicken & Steak. The new awnings are a major step up.

In the past

Current view

We stuck our head in the door and discovered a small, clean looking byob with brick walls, tile floors, and wooden tables. The menu features a mix of small Mexican plates like guacamole and ceviche and larger plates like steak or braised lamb shoulder mixiote. With entree prices approaching $20, this establishment is clearly looking to serve people that live nearby and also become a destination for people that live all over the city. This might be a bit of a challenge at this location, but Cafe y Chocolate, which shares partial ownership with La Muca Terca, has been able to make it work here for many years.

Cafe y Chocolate, across the street

Per Michael Klein's story, you can bring your own tequila, and La Muca Terca will sell you the mixers. Perhaps that'll draw some additional crowds down to this part of the neighborhood.