It's been about a year since we checked in on the northwest corner of 17th & Annin, so how 'bout an update? A year ago, this corner was home to a white warehouse that was growing more and more out of place as residential development proliferated throughout the neighborhood. It came as no shock to us to learn that a developer had purchased the building and was proceeding with a plan to demolish the building and replace it with five townhomes. Today, we see that the old warehouse is gone and foundations are in place for the five homes.

In the past at 17th & Annin

Current view

We confess that we haven't seen much work at the site of late, but before long we're confident that the project will proceed. Soon enough, we'll see five new homes with parking that we'd think will each sell for over $500K. Here's another look at the rendering from GJDesign.

Project rendering

Just half a block to the south, perhaps you've noticed that another building is under construction.

Looking south on 17th Street

NW corner of 17th & Federal

The same developer that's working at 17th & Annin bought 1701 Federal St. at the end of last year and quickly gutted the former corner store. It's been in this condition for several months, and we didn't know what was coming next. Looking today at the permits, we now see that the developer plans to build a third-floor addition and will have seven apartment units on the building's upper floors. The ground floor will remain commercial, and will eventually house a new neighborhood amenity like a bar or restaurant. Just don't think about a grocery store, that would clearly be a terrible idea.

In between these two projects, you can see there's a two story building that houses a laundromat on the first floor and ostensibly has an apartment or two upstairs. That property is not listed for sale right now, but given the development happening on either side, it would come as no surprise to see that property change hands in the near future and experience its own redevelopment.