It was all the way back in the summer of 2011 that we first noticed 1201 S. 21st St., a blighted vacant building that had once been a launderette. In the 1950s, the building looked halfway decent, even if it was only one story tall. But in 2011, it looked like all kinds of crap.

Back in 1954

In the past

Three years ago, a commenter ran into the property owner at the site, and learned about plans to build a two-story addition on top of the existing building. Sometime after the above photo was taken though, the building was partially demolished, leaving only wood framing and an exposed foundation. It sat like this for years, occasionally getting a Stop Work Order posted on the property.

Looked like this for a couple of years

In recent months, we saw a sign on the property advertising its availability for sale. We never called, but we understand the asking price was $120K. Yeesh. According to public record, the same guy who owned the property since 1992 still owns the property, but we wouldn't be surprised if a new owner has stepped in (at a lower price?) and this hasn't yet been reflected in public record. We're guessing that there's a new owner because the property was finally demolished last week.

Finally demolished

There's only permitting for demolition, and not new construction as of yet. The property has CMX1 zoning, so it seems likely that a future development here will have a first floor commercial space and a couple of apartments upstairs unless the owners go to zoning. We suggest that they do, because we're not confident that corner commercial is the way to go here, so close to Point Breeze Avenue. Perhaps the original plan for triplexes across the street are offering a good plan for what to do with the site.

Triplexes under construction across the street

Or better, maybe a duplex sans parking.