A few weeks ago, we told you that the PRA Land Grab (for more info on this, click here) would be coming before the Rules Committee of City Council and encouraged you to go out and make your voice heard. The hearing featured a parade of affordable housing developers touting the importance of affordable housing and featured only one person testifying in dissent. The favorable vote seemed like a mere formality.

Cmte of the Rules

The principal question that remains unanswered is why the City can’t simply build affordable housing on lots it already owns and instead is using powers of eminent domain to seize privately owned lots. While it’s great that many parcels have been removed from the original list, that any private land will be taken for affordable housing, to be constructed at some indeterminate future time when funding is procured, is unacceptable.

Today, sometime shortly after 10am, Land Grab Bill 120755 will come before the entire City Council body for a vote. And as a citizen of our fair city, you are entitled to come to this City Council session and state your opposition (or support) to this bill. We’re guessing that there will be dozens there in both support and opposition.

Don’t you think it might be fun to be among them?

Thanks to Philadelinquency for the screen grab.