Point Breeze generally doesn’t see many new businesses opening up. Remember, we were stoked when a dry cleaner (currently closed, reopening next month under new management) opened a year ago at 16th & Federal. So you can only imagine our surprise and excitement when we read Meal Ticket’s report that a new cafe would soon be opening in the neighborhood, at 2011 Reed St.

The space

Breezy’s Cafe will offer lunch and dinner, with a menu focusing on sandwiches of both the meaty and meat-free variety. The ten-seat spot will also offer coffee and pastries. Owner Kristin Wolack hopes that the business, which takes over a spot most recently held by a trademark-violating “Pizzeria Uno,” will be a place that both long-time residents and newer neighbors can enjoy. Oh man wouldn’t that be wonderful?

2000 block of Reed

1900 block of Reed

As we said above, we’re delighted to hear about this new addition to the neighborhood and you can bet that we’ll be regular customers. But we do have some worries for the business as well. Development activity pretty much tapers off about two blocks to the north of this business. By the time you get to Reed Street, there’s a lot of vacancy and blight, as you can see above. Will newer residents to the area venture down to Reed Street, especially to visit a business located mid-block? Will enough long-term residents patronize a business run by people who didn’t grow up in the area?

We’re hoping that the answer to both of the questions above is an emphatic yes. While we wait for those answers, we’ll just be satisfied salivating over the Mushroom Melt on pretzel roll.