A couple years back, we told you about a community meeting where developers presented plans for new homes at 1341-45 S. 20th St., attempting to get support for a variance triggered by too-small-rear-yards. The community meeting didn't go great, but they eventually got the variance they were seeking. Somewhere along the line, something compelled them to try something else even though they could have built homes on these long-vacant lots. They decided to come back to the community and return to the ZBA with plans to build four-story duplexes with the intention of selling the units as condos. They got approval and have been building ever since. Checking in recently, we discovered good progress at the site.

Three new duplexes

Project rendering and floor plans

From what we hear, many of the units are already under agreement. Lower units were listed just under $250K, and the one upper unit we can find currently listed is priced at just under $270K. Generally speaking, the vast majority of new construction in Point Breeze has been of the single-family or multi-family for rent varieties, but with the success of this project and a couple others, we think the condo market is finally making some headway in this neighborhood.

Meanwhile, there's a bunch of action happening less than a block from here. To the south, a new home and a mixed-use building are getting very close at the corner of 20th & Reed. To the east, some new homes are finished and others are progressing at Opal & Wharton. And looking to the north, the easiest change to notice is the demolition of the warehouse that's dominated this block of 20th Street for over a hundred years.

SE corner of 20th & Reed

To the east, new homes at Opal & Reed

Huge warehouse has been demolished at 20th & Wharton

Remember, there are plans for twenty-two homes with parking at 20th & Wharton which went to the community back in April. It goes to the ZBA at the end of next month and assuming it's approved, would look better than the warehouse that once stood here or the pile of bricks we see today.