A reader checked in, noting that two homes were demoed last week on the 1500 block of Woodstock St., in Point Breeze. South of Dickinson, between 20th and 21st Sts., this little block has some homes that have clearly been tastefully redone in recent years.

In the past

Recent shot

Public record, unfortunately, isn’t much help finding out what’s going on. No new deed has been recorded on 1524 or 1526 S. Woodstock St. in recent months, though 1524 went to tax collection sale earlier this year. Looking at images of these homes when they were still standing, they don’t look like they were in imminent danger of collapse, so we’re doubting that this demolition was the work of L&I.

Now two vacant lots

A neighbor on the block heard that new homes would be built at this site in the near future, but we can’t get any confirmation of that one way or the other. If it is indeed a private developer that’s intending to build here, we wonder if this could have been motivated, in part, by the new construction affordable housing that’s approaching the finish line around the corner at 20th and Dickinson Sts.

20th and Dickinson development

Has anyone out there heard anything about the two lots on Woodstock St.? Inquiring minds want to know…