A couple of readers have reached out in recent weeks, asking if we knew the lowdown on the northwest corner of 18th & Latona. A rather unattractive three story building was torn down here about a month ago, and a zoning notice recently appeared on the construction fence. Looking at what was here before, you can appreciate why the building came down.

In the past

One interesting thing to note about this now-demolished building is that it appears to have once been home to a commercial space, like so many other South Philly corners. It’s the brickwork and stucco that were used to fill in the larger openings that made the building so tough to look at. But now nobody will ever have to look at it again.

Current photo

According to public record, Thomas Love purchased 1226 S. 18th St. a little less than a year ago for a rather low price of $50K. The property had three rental apartments, but at one time had as many as five apartments inside. The new owner intends to build a duplex at this site, and will be going before the ZBA in the coming weeks to plead his case. Should he get the approvals he seeks, not only will it be good for him, but it will almost certainly mean a little more business for the American Sardine Bar, located just a hop, skip, and a jump to the north.

Sardine Bar in the distance on the left

And if you haven’t checked out the outdoor seating at the Sardine Bar yet, may we ask exactly what you’re waiting for?