Because the 25th Street viaduct makes things generally less hospitable, 25th Street south of Washington boasts a range of businesses that you wouldn’t necessarily want to see on South Street. Angelo’s Marble and Granite has a large yard full of stone slabs at 25th & Ellsworth. When someone stole and wrecked our car (long story), we sold it for scrap for $65 at Mike’s Auto Repair at 25th & Morris. And until somewhat recently, you were able to fulfill all your propane needs at South Philly Propane at 25th & Federal. They’ve moved to a new location in Forgotten Bottom though, and their longtime home next to the viaduct will soon get torn down.

Demolition notice
Looking toward the viaduct

You can see in the first photo above, there’s a demolition notice posted on the property. In the second photo, you can see some signs from Streamline Solutions, a developer that’s done plenty of construction in Point Breeze. You may recall, we told you about this property a little over a year ago, before the project appeared before a South Philadelphia HOMES meeting. We had general information on the project, and knew that the developers were planning nine duplexes and ten single family homes, all with parking. But we didn’t know how the project would sit on the site, nor were we entirely confident that the project would get supported by the community or approved by the ZBA.

With a demo notice now posted, it’s pretty clear that the project indeed got approved. Since this happened about a year ago, the Zoning Archive has site plans which show how the project lays out. According to the site plan, the homes will front Manton Street, the duplexes will front Federal Street, and the entrance to the drive-aisle will be accessed from 25th Street. As for parking, the homes will have interior car ports while the duplex units will have parking outside. All of the homes will have easy access to Washington Avenue and, uh, fabulous viaduct views.

From underneath the viaduct
View on Manton Street

We do wonder, will buyers be willing to pony up big bucks for new homes or condos that are so close to the viaduct? Then again, there’s a major project, also built by Streamline, located just down the 2400 block of Manton which sold out with relative ease. Prices for many of the homes exceeded $500K.

Project on the 2400 block of Manton

So maybe the westernmost home and duplex will be a bit of a tougher sell, but given the prices we saw just a few steps to the east, maybe the prices for the rest of the units won’t be significantly impacted by the viaduct. Considering that a few of the upper duplex units are already under agreement at prices approaching $400K and at least one of the homes is under agreement at a price of $550K, that assertion seems to check out.