We've noticed that developers today are ready and willing to develop any parcel in Point Breeze that they can get their hands on. Looking back a couple of years, we remember when new homes arrived on the 1100 block of S. Sydenham St. and we were pretty surprised that developers were willing to consider a block that was so overrun with blight and vacancy. Today, more than half of that block has either turned over or is under construction. We could say similar things about the 1300 block of Chadwick Street and the 2000 block of Annin Street. We're usually pretty good at learning our lesson so perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised that the generally lousy 1300 block of S. Lambert St. is now seeing some new construction.

Looking up Lambert Street

Lambert Street runs north-south, between 20th and 21st Streets, but the 1300 block cuts off before it reaches Wharton Street, diverting onto Point Breeze Avenue. It might catch your attention for a couple of reasons, most likely because it's on the same square block where two projects will bring a combined 70 new homes to Point Breeze at 2010 and 2012 Wharton. There's also a chance you've thought about this block because of a proposal to build a funeral home at 1325 S. Lambert St. which got approval about a year ago but hasn't moved forward as of yet.

Looking east toward some significant ongoing and upcoming projects

Funeral home possibly coming here

Developers bought the vacant lot at 1333 S. Lambert St. a little less than a year ago, paying a mere $35K. With lots now selling in PB for over $100K, we'd say they did pretty well with the price, perhaps due to the face that the block isn't exactly paradise. Now they're building a single family home on a block that currently has three other residences to go with a copious amount of vacant land. And don't forget that a large portion of the block has magnificent views of the back of a building on Point Breeze Avenue.

Vacant west side of the block

Looking south on the block

But that's not all! The vacant lot just two doors down, at 1337 S. Lambert St., changed hands over the summer and we'd wager another home will appear at that property in the near future. And though public record doesn't indicate that it changed hands, we see that permits have already been pulled at 1345 S. Lambert St. for yet another home. So yeah, this construction might seem a little unexpected today, but in the next couple of years at least two, if not more, new homes will be joining the block. And once construction gets moving at 2012 Wharton Street, no amount of construction in this area will seem the least bit out of the ordinary.