We've been covering changes at the intersection of 21st & Federal for quite some time, with several projects making a mark at different corners. On the northeast corner, a row of seven homes have sprouted, replacing a long vacant lot. This was originally going to be fourteen condo units, but feedback from some near neighbors resulted in the revised plan. The homes, which have 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and parking in the rear, are currently listed for $479K and several are already under agreement. Wowza.

Row of homes are nearly done

On the southeast corner, we told you about a former launderette getting demolished back in November. We first covered this building way back in the summer of 2011, and for years it stood in dilapidated condition before it was thankfully put out of its misery. No idea what's happening there at the moment, though we've heard whispers that it's available for sale. It would certainly make a nice spot for a new home. Meanwhile, immediately next door at 2046 Federal St., a foundation appeared over the last few weeks. That will soon be a four-story triplex which we're guessing will be sold as condos. But rentals would make sense too.

Former launderette, new home coming behind it

On the southwest corner is perhaps the most exciting change. Remember last fall, we showed you a backhoe was basically in the front door of 1200 S. 21st. St., the former Burg's Lounge. We first brought this property to your attention a couple years back, hoping for an American Sardine Bar redux. It's taken some time, but it looks like something is finally coming to pass here. The building got a third floor addition and according to a representative from KJO Architecture, there's gonna be a bi-level apartment above the bar/restaurant. Whoever lives there will have dangerously easy access to whatever drinking establishment opens below, as will the new homeowners across the street. 

A few months ago

Bar building shaping up

Project rendering

Has anyone heard any specifics about the restaurant that's opening here? With Madira down the street and the aforementioned Sardine Bar a few blocks to the east, this part of Point Breeze is slowly growing in the food and drink department. And we ain't complaining.