Like so many other blocks in Point Breeze, the 1300 block of S. 20th Street has experienced numerous changes over the last several years. For whatever reason, compared to some of those other blocks, this block of 20th Street just feels like it’s undergone a more noticeable change. Maybe it’s because it’s on a bus route. Maybe it’s because our office has sponsored multiple projects on the block. Maybe it’s because we work two blocks away. It’s probably a combination of those factors and some others.

Let’s look at the stretch of lots on the east side of the street, just south of Wharton, as an example. Check out this empty field from ten years ago- that’s six vacant lots in a row.

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 At 12.38.43 PM
In the past

Since this time, two homes have risen in the middle of the vacancy. And there are more changes afoot on this part of the block.

IMG_7140 2
Current view
New foundation
Ongoing construction

Developers purchased 1311 S. 20th St. back in 2013 and spent the next several years trying to buy 1309 S. 20th St. from the City. They finally succeeded earlier this year and have since consolidated the two properties into one. Since the property is zoned for multi-family use, they’ll be building a quadplex by right and you can see that effort is already underway, with a foundation in place.

Further south, developers bought 1323 S. 20th St. several months ago and are in the process of adding onto the existing building to turn it into another quadplex. In case you’re wondering why consolidation was necessary to the north but not here, 1323 is a unique property because it’s extra wide and also runs all the way back to Opal Street. Like the double-wide property to the north, this parcel can accommodate four units by right. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

As for the vacant lots at 1317 and 1319 S. 20th St., 1317 is owned by the City and could turn over next month or in a dozen years or anywhere in between. 1319 S. 20th St. is privately owned and was listed for $250K earlier this year but no buyer stepped forward. We wouldn’t be surprised though, if the owners of this lot and the one-story garage next door ultimately sold to developers sometime soon, so we imagine these will be the next properties to get developed on the block.

IMG_8225 2
Homes on the west side of the street

Of course, the most significant change on this block was completed a couple years ago, when a row of 11 homes appeared in place of an old industrial building. Those homes are all sold, but a few of the phase two homes from this project, fronting Woodstock Street, are still available. If such a home sounds like it’d be your cup of tea, click here for more info. You won’t have views of the changing 20th Street, but you will have views of the sizable project still under construction just across Woodstock.