Every few weeks, it seems that there’s another residential development to tell you about in Point Breeze. But to this point, relatively few new businesses have sprung up in the area to take advantage of the swelling ranks of folks looking for a bite to eat or a tasty beverage in the neighborhood.

Sure, American Sardine Bar has been a hit. OCF Coffee House and Breezy’s Cafe are making their presences felt. And Kermit’s Bake Shop is apparently about a month away. But one thing that we keep hearing people would really love to see is another watering hole or two emerge south of Washington. In the coming years, it seems likely that this is exactly what will happen at Burg’s Lounge at 21st & Federal and Munson Manor at 20th & Federal. But one space we hadn’t heard anything about previously was the former 1252 Crab House at 1252 (duh) S. 21st St.

In the past

Last week, a reader told us that the facade of the building was undergoing renovation. And when we swung by over the weekend, it was clear that they weren’t kidding.

Lots of work

From the south

The building was listed for sale last year for $299K, but found no buyers after several months on the market. As far as public record is concerned, the property still belongs to Rocco Benedetto, as it has since 2006. Looking at court dockets, the property has been subject to several court cases over the years and is currently in the process of being taken to sheriff’s sale through mortgage foreclosure.

So what does all of this mean? Is a new bar coming to this location, in the image of Sardine Bar? Or is an old neighborhood bar simply getting a (totally permit-less) facelift? Will the property go to sheriff’s sale, or has a new buyer already stepped up that hasn’t yet been identified on public record? Stay tuned, we’re guessing there will be a couple more chapters to come for this corner. In the meantime, does anyone have the number for 311?