Over a week ago, OCF Holdings presented a proposal for a new mixed-use building at the corner of Point Breeze Ave. & Titan Sts. at a somewhat-less-than-successful South Philadelphia H.O.M.E.S zoning meeting. Though there are obviously people who don’t believe it should be built, this building would be a tremendous step in any effort to revitalize Point Breeze Ave.

The lot in question

The project would establish a sizable, new construction commercial space on Point Breeze Ave. for the first time in what must be decades. The Breeze has historically been a vibrant commercial corridor, but has fallen on tough times in recent decades, and the commercial mix is definitely lacking.

If you walk or drive down Point Breeze Ave., you’ll notice several houses of worship, numerous residences, and a smattering of different types of stores. Take-out restaurants are plentiful, as are hair salons. One large supermarket can be found, along with another smaller market as well as a few bodegas/corner stores. Family Dollar is a popular spot, since it offers so many different necessities under one roof. Additionally, we spotted two hardware stores, a few launderettes, a handful of clothing shops, and one bank. Vacancy and blight are unfortunately an all-too-common feature.

Some residences on The Breeze, Titan St. lot in the distance

A more vibrant stretch, just north of Reed St. Hardware store and hair salon visible

Several stores, including a take-out place, a cell phone shop, and a wig store. Some vacancies, too.

Largest supermarket on The Breeze

A little further south, a large vacant lot

Further south, even more vacancy

A rehabbed space for rent, next to a severely blighted building

More blight

Even more blight, just south of Titan St.

A doctor's office at 1400 Point Breeze Ave. is one of the nicer looking buildings. Across from the lone bank.

At the meeting, some residents expressed a desire for a pharmacy, an amenity currently lacking on the Breeze. Ask and ye shall receive (sometimes and within reason, ok?): Though the lease details are still being worked out, OCF Holdings has a tenant lined up for the commercial space and… it’s a pharmacy!

PharmDirect Rx on Grays Ferry Ave.

PharmDirect Rx, currently located at Osun Village on the 2300 block of Grays Ferry Ave., wants to open a new location in the proposed commercial space at Point Breeze Ave. & Titan St. This would be a sparkly new business on Point Breeze Ave. that would provide a much-needed service for the neighborhood.

So… maybe SPHINC can tell us the outcome of last week’s vote already?

To be continued…


Full disclosure: OCF Realty is the parent company of OCF Holdings and Naked Philly.