For a narrow block with homes on only one side, the 1900 block of Alter Street has seen quite a bit of change in recent years. Perhaps the biggest change occurred about three years ago, when a row of five new construction homes replaced a vacant lot. Remember, across the street from those homes there's a cool mural that makes a warehouse wall resemble row homes if you look at it quickly. Also, Greenstreet Coffee Roasters has their roasting facility on the north side of this block, which is why the area sometimes smells like roasting coffee.

Looking east on the 1900 block of Alter St.

Newer homes on the south side

Two more vacant lots are now on the outs on this block, at 1902 and 1904 Alter St.

Closer to 19th St., two homes under construction

View of the new homes from the east

We actually told you about plans for 1902 Alter St. back in the summer of 2012, when the developers presented to the community. At the time, we were excited that the project would soon break ground and we were hopeful that plans would emerge for the vacant lot next door. Of course, it's very encouraging to see that both are now under construction, though we would have guessed that 1902 Alter St. would be long finished by now. Better late than never though. 

With the construction of these two homes, the block only has one remaining vacant lot which is in the process of being sold by the City, and only a handful of homes that haven't been renovated in recent years. It goes to show that even with warehouses across the street, people are excited to move to this block. Between the close proximity to the Graduate Hospital neighborhood to the north and the rapid pace of redevelopment to the south in Point Breeze, we can certainly understand why that would be the case.