In the northeastern section of Point Breeze, two long vacant lots should soon get redeveloped. A couple of years ago, we told you about plans for two triplexes on the 1100 block of S. 15th St. which received pushback from some folks in the neighborhood who didn't want to see the additional density. We were happy about the project, however, because it was replacing two blighted and vacant homes. Those buildings are now finished and rented out.

Two newer triplexes

A few doors down though, at 1154 and 1156 S. 15th St., the block has suffered with two vacant lots for many years. The northern lot has some nice size to it, and the southern lot is even larger, stretching all the way to Hicks Street. Developers purchased the larger lot late last year, and closed on the smaller one in January. They purchased the latter from the City through the Philly Land Works site, proving that every now and then the City does indeed sell off its lots. Just not quite frequently enough for our liking.

The lots

Earlier this month, the lots were approved for two duplexes, with the southern building providing a parking spot accessed via Hicks Street. This seems like a reasonable use for a couple of larger-than-usual lots which have pretty much been crying out for development for years. We haven't seen elevations drawings or renderings, but we'd suspect that they'll look like your standard new construction, maybe like the triplexes just to the north. Though we confess, we'd love to see something a little more unique. Say, like the home immediately next door.

Interesting looking property to the south

Okay, so maybe they won't have columns. But let us dream, will ya?