The 20th & Dickinson intersection has experienced some major changes over the last several years, and that trend is set to continue. You may recall, there was a large vacant lot on the southwest corner, but Innova built three affordable homes there in 2011-12. On the southeast corner, a simple addition/renovation project somehow dragged on for years but now appears to be finished. We told you about a year ago, that the mixed-use building on the northeast corner was going to auction, and that property eventually sold for $260K. It’s currently lost all its windows, with the new owners looking for a first floor tenant and actively renovating the upper floors into three units. Hopefully, as part of this effort, they’ll expand the window opening on the 2nd floor of the 20th Street side, as it looks like it was once much larger.

IMG_3904 (1)
Construction across the street

But all of this is pretty much a review of stuff you already knew or could have predicted. The news that we have to share is on the northwest corner, a double-wide property that’s been sitting vacant for at least a decade, and surely for several years before we can remember. We were passing by the property the other day and noticed that there’s now a construction fence around the property. Surely this means that redevelopment is on the horizon,right?

IMG_3903 (1)
Construction fence around the lot

Developers bought the property back in 2015, paying $140K, and then new developer stepped in a year later, paying just under $200K. Now those developers are pursuing a project that’s <gasp> totally by right. Look for two new homes to rise here in the near future, neither of which will include parking. Those homes will surely sell for a pretty penny, and their construction will complete the lengthy transformation for this intersection. It’s hard to believe just how much has changed, but it’s pretty much par for the course these days in Point Breeze.