We’ve covered ad nauseum the dramatic improvement that’s taken place at 2001 Federal St., where a coffee shop and four apartments have replaced a building that sat blighted for many years. Now, three other properties surrounding this intersection will soon see dramatic improvement, significantly improving one of the most important gateways to Point Breeze.

Standing in the middle of the intersection of 20th & Federal, it’s quickly apparent that three properties could use more than a little TLC. 1155 S. 20th St. was a check cashing business, but has been vacant for several years. In recent months, as new homes have gone up next door, its owners have done some work to improve the property, but the building still needs a lot of help. OCF Realty recently signed a lease for the commercial space on the first floor, and will soon be improving both the storefront and the entire facade of the building.

View several months ago

Plan for the future

The 20th St. side

Across the street stands the Munson Manor. Back in October, we told you that OCF had signed a lease for this space, and that it would eventually be returning to active use as a bar. The liquor license process is moving along and there are concurrent plans to improve the facade here. As far as the concept for what will come into this space, it’s still being finalized, but we assure you it’s gonna be awesome when it opens later this year.

Current view. Ignore the part about removing the sign. It's staying.

In the future

The rest of the building

OCF isn’t signing a lease at 1946 Federal St. any time soon- the A&H Food Market will continue to operate at this location for many years to come. However, with all the investment in the surrounding retail spaces, OCF has decided to assist in the improvement of this storefront as well. Soon, the building that this store inhabits will look considerably better.

Current view

Small but really noticeable improvements planned

Federal Street side

All of these storefront improvement plans have been put together by Canno Design, a local architecture and design firm. While the work on these buildings is still a couple of months away, you can only imagine how much of a difference these improvements will have on the feel of this intersection. We’ll be sure to let you know when the work gets underway, and will (clearly) show you how everything looks once the work is finished.

Disclosure: OCF Realty is the parent company of Naked Philly.