There's finally light at the end of the tunnel for 2012 Wharton St., a property we first brought to your attention in the fall of 2013. Once upon a time, a huge warehouse made sense at this location, and over the years the building was home to the Philadelphia Traction Company, John Wanamaker's stables, a budget food market, and most recently a printing press. But as the neighborhood has emerged from decades of disinvestment, and new businesses are starting to eye the Point Breeze Avenue corridor, this building and its neighbor at 2010 Wharton St. have actually harmed the neighborhood, cutting off a portion of Point Breeze from its commercial corridor.

The view just half a year ago

When we first told you about this property, the developers were preparing to present a plan for fifty homes to the community. But when the project next door got jammed up in the approvals process, the developers put the project on ice temporarily. But after 2010 Wharton St. got zoning approvals for 22 new homes (construction is starting soon despite being under appeal), the owners of 2012 Wharton St. restarted the process, coming to the community earlier this year with a revised plan for 46 homes with parking. Shortly thereafter, the owners began demolition at the site and if you visit today you'll see a large swath of vacant land.

Current view

Looking west from 20th Street

The project went to the ZBA about a month ago and it was one of the most crowded hearings we've ever attended. The ZBA heard from several neighbors in support of the project and others who were in opposition, and held their vote at the hearing. And earlier today, the ZBA gave their approval to the project! Which means that within the next thirty days, it it'll probably get appealed! Hooray!

Disclosure: OCF Realty brokered the sale of this property to its current owners