From the corner of 19th and Titan Sts., looking east

From the corner of 19th and Titan Sts., looking south

The 19th Street Baptist Church, which occupies a beautiful building right near the corner of 19th and Wharton Sts., is falling apart before our eyes. Last week, it received a Notice of Violation from L&I for its crumbling walls and collapsing roof. The notice informs the church and passersby that the city could demolish the building at any time and send the bill to the church if they don’t repair or demolish the building within thirty days. We don’t imagine that the city will be demolishing the church anytime soon, but if the building continues to degenerate at this pace it may become necessary as a matter of public safety. Such a shame.

The notice was posted in a couple of spots on the building

Stucco crumbling off the walls

Walls that appear to be collapsing. Seems structural.

Part of the roof is caving in