Coming soon to 17th & Annin, five new homes! This project came onto our radar recently when a realtor sign appeared at 1136 S. 17th St., an old warehouse. The property is zoned for commercial use, which is appropriate given the building that we see today. But when you consider that the surrounding neighborhood is all residential, the commercial use and zoning are outdated.

Current view

Looking up 17th St.

Current view on Annin St.

The project got approval from the ZBA back in May, and will mean five new homes, all fronting Annin Street. Each home will have a parking spot, accessed via a rear-drive aisle. GJDesign did the architecture work and provided us with a rendering. You can see, it's a fairly contemporary design.

Project rendering

No question, this will represent a big improvement for this corner, and will fit right in with the residential character of the 1700 block of Annin Street. Given the location, the size of the homes, and the included parking, we would expect that these will sell quickly, and for a nice price. We do wonder (and we acknowledge that this is a wee bit self-serving), how this project, which turned one lot into five homes fronting Annin Street, got approval, but two years ago the proposal nearby to turn three 20th Street lots into four Annin Street lots did not. At a casual glance, the two projects seem really similar, no?