While we don’t have to tell you about the rush of development happening on the western side of Washington Ave., we hadn’t visited the corner of 24th & Alter St. since almost exactly seven years ago, when a row of homes was going up on the south side of the street. While these homes have long since been completed (and have been joined by several more), today we are more interested in what lies on the 24th St. side of this intersection.

View of the SE corner of 24th & Alter in 2019

Just a step to the south, five adjoining parcels at 1111-19 S. 24th St. were recently granted a zoning permit to combine the five lots into one. PHL Builders is listed as the owner, and it appears that HDO Architecture is handling the design of this 45-foot, 16-unit building that will include five bicycle spaces. We don’t have any plans or renderings as of yet, but we would imagine a contemporary looking building here that at least somewhat resembles the more recent architectural vernacular of the block.

The same view today, with yet another house and a foundation at the ready
Innovator Village getting some windows, with a furniture storage facility in the foreground
Looking west down Alter from 23rd St., with even more homes (and an OCF Realty sign, too)

We love seeing more density so close to the emerging Washington Ave. commercial corridor. This site sits half a block to the south of another project we recently covered, Innovator Village. Construction was very active and windows were being installed on this mixed-use project, so this area will feel quite a bit different once this wraps up in the future.

Rendering of the final design for the corner

While there are no construction permits that we can see, we hope that these 16 units proceed sooner rather than later, as there should be plenty of businesses around by the time residents would move in here. We are somewhat surprised to see a total lack of car parking, but the repaved Washington Ave. is perhaps a bit more bike-friendly now than it was before. All in all, we are happy to see yet another step towards the mixed-use community that Washington Ave. is quickly becoming.