Boy, the corner of 2nd & Wharton has changed big-time in the last few years. In December of 2012, a fire ravaged a warehouse that would have made for a wonderful residential conversion, ultimately resulting in the building's demolition. In its place, two rows of new homes have appeared, which we last checked in on back in March when there was still snow on the ground. At that time, the second row of homes had just been framed out. They've progressed since then.

Less than two years ago

Current view at 2nd & Wharton

Well, it certainly seems like this project is a raging success. The fact that the second phase of homes so quickly followed the first was a decent indication. But an even better hint is that another row of homes is planned immediately to the east. Currently at 120 Wharton St., on the southeast corner of Hancock & Wharton, there's a one-story garage that looks pretty rough. A zoning notice on the building, however, suggests that it could soon disappear.

Garage at Hancock & Wharton

The developers wish to demolish the existing building and construct five new homes, each with two-car parking. We aren't sure whether it's the same builder as the project next door or somebody who's simply imitating their effort, but it hardly makes a difference. In the case of the now-demolished warehouse, we wished that the building could have been preserved. In the case of the garage on Hancock, we don't see any value in maintaining the current structure. It will be up to the ZBA in the end to decide whether this project is a go, but we can't argue with the idea of replacing this old building with new homes. What do you think?