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Ahh, South Columbus Boulevard, the auto-centric, big-box retail corridor that separates South Philadelphia from the Delaware River. While our recent trip to the area shows there is mixed-use momentum down by the water, this stretch has remained stubbornly suburban-like since Bart Blatstein began buying up properties and redeveloping them into

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While much of the development boom along the Delaware River Waterfront has taken place north of Market Street, there have been some teases of development on the southern edge of the riverfront as well. The former Foxwoods Casino site has been one of the key areas for proposals, with the

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1341 S Columbus Blvd-01

It sure has been a long time since we thought about Liberty on the River, writing about the pie-in-the-sky, ten-tower proposal back in 2017, to only visit it again earlier this year, assuming the project was just a distant memory. Originally calling for 2,000+ units and a hotel, the project

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Despite concerns around population decline in the city, new homes are popping up all over the place. At 101-09 Ellsworth St., five houses have recently wrapped up construction immediately across the street from the Rizzo Rink skating center that sits under I-95 in Pennsport. We actually visited this site a

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We're not sure how you like to have fun on rainy Thursday mornings, but for us there's nothing quite like hanging out towards the back of the parking lot at Columbus Crossing in Pennsport. To get there, we first needed to traverse the massive parking lot that serves an even

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The PECO substation at 538 Federal St. has stood proudly for decade after decade, though most recently all that standing has been without much action on the inside. After first checking out the building way back in 2011 (also known as the last time the Phillies were any good), we

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The long-vacant lot at that runs southeast from the intersection of Reed Street and Christopher Columbus Blvd. has had a pretty wild life, at least as far as long-vacant lots go. Historically, this enormous property was used for a variety of industrial purposes, with a sugar refinery and a train

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A reader reached out to us the other day, wondering about some new construction activity at the corner of 2nd & Mountain in Pennsport. This address, 1632 S. 2nd St., was previously the home of the Pennsport School of Dance, which operated for several years out of this rather unfortunate

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Front Street, also never known as 1st Street, was at one time the most important street in Philadelphia, at least according to Wikipedia. It's a bummer that Front Street fell so far from grace over the years, getting the short end of the stick in the River Wards, sitting under

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A South Philly reader checked in with us the other day, wondering about a recently noticed zoning poster near their house on the 100 block of Fernon Street. This zoning poster appeared recently on a fence at 135 Fernon St., which is a rather odd property that doesn't exactly fit

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