1401-03 E Moyamensing Ave. was most recently the address of The Witch, an American bistro, which lasted for a couple of years before closing a few months ago. The 1800 sqft. property has been on the market for about five months and is currently listed for $399K.

Redone in '07

From what we can tell, the place is ready to go for a new bar or restaurant, with tables, chairs, a bar, refrigerators, bathrooms, and storage still intact from The Witch. The liquor license is not included in the price, but can be purchased separately. While the restaurant is prominently located on the corner, neither The Witch or its predecessor, Peppercorns, had much success. The neighborhood is definitely capable of supporting these sorts of establishments, as Ugly American and Valentino can attest. We’re not sure why the previous businesses have not been able to make a go of it at this address, but we’re optimistic for the future.

Neighbors, what would you like to see in this space? Another bar/restaurant? Maybe an ethnic restaurant? A brunch spot? A gourmet beer store? A coffee shop? A corner grocery?

What say you, Pennsport?