For a rather run of the mill block in Pennsport, we’ve spilled considerable a considerable quantity of e-ink about the 200 block of Tasker Street. Over the years, we’ve told you about a new mansion on the block, plans for a sizable residential development that hasn’t happened yet, and a warehouse on the verge of redevelopment. And lo, here we are today, revisiting the last property on that list.

Over the summer, we noticed a construction fence in front of 237 Tasker St., a warehouse that was once home to a marine supply company that went out of business several decades ago. We had covered this property previously back in 2014, noting it was available for sale and positing that it represented a possible development opportunity. Passing by the property today, it’s clear that redevelopment is indeed on the horizon, as the building has been torn down.

In the past
Current view
Closer look

We previously noted that the property was zoned for single-family homes and suggested that town homes would be on the horizon, though we were unclear on just how many town homes to expect. The property lays out in an interesting fashion, with roughly 9,000 sqft of space and a little over 50′ of frontage on both Tasker Street and Greenwich Street. We figured that we’d see, at minimum, three homes on both streets, a project that would be permitted by right. Alternately, we thought there would be a chance they’d build half a dozen homes oriented toward a drive-aisle, which would have reduced the number of curb cuts but would have required a variance.

Instead, the developers are going in a bit of an unexpected direction, and they’re only building four homes on this massive property. In a by-right plan, two homes will front Tasker Street, and two homes will front Greenwich Street, and there will be a 12′ drive-aisle that allows two car parking for each home. We haven’t seen the specific plans, so we don’t know whether each home will be enormous, like the mansions already on these blocks, or whether they’ll be more normally sized and possess huge yards. No matter which direction the developers choose to go, we suspect they’ll find buyers pretty easily, as new homes with two-car parking get snapped up rather quickly these days. And given the demand and the desirability of the location, we predict some high end prices, once these homes get listed for sale.