At the end of last month, Pennsport celebrated the reopening of Dickinson Square Park, which had been closed off all year while undergoing renovations. With a budget of $1.2M, thanks to contributions from the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the City, the department of Parks and Recreation department, and former councilman DiCicco’s office, the renovation has made a real difference, making this park a more wonderful public space.

Site plan

New benches, game tables, lighting, fencing, trash cans, bike racks, dog waste stations, plantings, and paving are some of the additions that have come about thanks to this project. Most noticeable, however, is the new play equipment that has been installed, with distinct areas for younger and older children to play. Surrounding the play equipment is artificial grass, which we imagine will be softer to fall upon during colder months than the ground. From a distance, it looks like the real McCoy, we’re just hoping local pooches don’t make that mistake.

Here are some photos of the recently reopened park. If you haven’t already been over there to check it out, what are you waiting for? The next farmer’s market is Sunday at 10am.

Repaved basketball court

Court in the foreground, rest of park in the background

A peek at the court, with a couple of new lights

Bags for dog poo, and a new trash can

A little wall, the game tables, and the play area in the background

For littler kids

For the bigger kids

Another angle. All the play equipment made by Kompan

Can you tell where the real grass ends and the fake grass begins?