In March, we checked in on a new home at the corner of 5th & Dickinson, which was replacing a vacant lot. It's currently on the market for just a tick under $400K, and offers a melange of different materials on its southern facade.

Newer home on the corner

Now, the same developers are building two more homes next door which seem like they'll have a similar look. We snapped a photo which came out blurry, thanks to the rain today.

Two new homes

The developers have taken three tiny lots, each of which clocked in at under 400 sqft, and combined them to make two lots that could simply be described as small. The new homes are each about 18' wide, but only 27' deep. They'll surely have all the modern amenities that we expect in new construction, though in a narrower-than-usual space. It's worth noting that the developers were able to build these homes without going to zoning, and we confess we're not sure how.

We're sure of one thing, and that's the fact that two new homes are much better than three miniature overgrown lots at this location any day of the week. No question, the owners of Grindcore House, located around the corner, will embrace the new customers with open arms.