Last week, a reader gave us the heads up that an overgrown vacant lot had been dug up in Pennsport, with two houses on the way. We were in the area yesterday and had a chance to check out 210 Sears St., and discovered preliminary work taking place for two foundations.

In the past

Current view

According to the zoning application, the developers are building 2 four-story homes with interior garages on this site. Looking into the pit, we kind of figured garages would be on the agenda.

Won't be standard foundations

The developers, Michael Stone and Asciates LLC, purchased these lots along with 215 Earp St. a couple of years ago. Prior to initiating the new construction work, they rehabbed the home and have already resold it. Impressively, it only took a couple of months to find a buyer for this rehab, notable for being an extremely narrow ten feet wide.

It's the narrow one. Image from Trend.

Meanwhile, just to the north of the two homes that are soon to be built, work has progressed nicely on the four homes on the 1300 block of Philip Street that we originally brought to your attention several months ago. All four look like they’re ready for facades, and it seems that some interior work has taken place in at least a couple of the homes.

New homes at 1301-07 S Philip St.

It will be interesting to come back to the corner of Philip & Sears in six months to a year, at which point it will barely be recognizable from how it looked at the beginning of 2012. Keep up the momentum, Pennsport!