Several years ago, five luxury homes rose on the 100 block of Alter Street, part of an eight home development that was never finished and across the street from some foundations that have never been turned into buildings. The other day, a reader gave us the heads up that at last, the last three homes in this development were being built.

The older homes

The last three

As you can see, the new homes will match the older five architecturally, which is either a positive or a negative depending on how you feel about the five older homes. We’re not entirely clear on whether the original developer of the project, City Suburban Development, is behind the new homes or whether a new developer has stepped in to complete the project. Public record suggests that a new developer bought the westernmost lot a couple of months ago, and we’re not sure whether they also bought the interior two lots, though that would seem to make sense.

While it’s great to see this long-stalled project finally coming to an end, there remains unfinished business on this block.

Next to the last home

Last fall, Next Salon Plus moved to 1107 S. 2nd St., into a building that had just been constructed. At that same time, new homes were going up on the 100 block of Ellsworth Street. But since then and to this day, 1101-05 S. 2nd St. has remained undeveloped. According to public record, this lot remains in the hands of City Suburban Development. Hopefully, these guys will step up and build these lots in the very near future, or sell them off to someone who will. We imagine the folks who live in this area will be happy to see years of construction finally come to an end.