Last week, we mentioned tremendous construction activity happening on the 500 block of Washington Ave. The same day, we took a gander down 5th St. and noticed what appears to be progress at a long-time eyesore. For years, there’s been a hole at the corner of 5th and Federal, surrounded by a fence. With a new permit from August 3rd mounted to said fence, we imagine things will be moving along very soon.

Progress soon?

We never looked at this site carefully before, so we’re not sure if this is new work or old work, but the beginnings of a foundation are down there.

According to the permit, the new building will be a single-family home with a 2nd floor deck and a 3rd floor balcony. The permit also indicates that the property will measure almost 3250 sqft. That’s a lot of house. We’re not even sure that’s conforming.

This new construction will be a relief for near-neighbors who have surely grown tired of staring at the hole in the ground. With residences, George Washington School, and a ball field nearby, the rehabbed former factory across the street stands out as the nicest looking place in the immediate vicinity. We imagine the folks over there will be as excited as anyone to see a house replace a hole.

Nice rehab across the street